Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (Cisco EIR) supports early-stage entrepreneurs working on the next big ideas in the Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/IoE), Big Data/analytics, Smart Cities, cloud computing, enterprise security and other transformational opportunities. The Cisco EIR project goal was to re-design the landing/homepage with intent to optimize it, elevate the brand, and provide a clearer focus. Not to say that the program isn’t already powerful and one of the largest program’s in the world but like they say, “ An upgraded door handle does makes a difference.” (fix that and Reference it later). I worked side by side with David Sanghera (Info Architect) & Sean Murray (UX Designer) throughout the design process. We put together some simple wires in UX Pin. One of the most vital objectives of the re-design was to bring the apply CTA to vital positions on the site. Below is an example of the site-map displaying the site content structure & the diagram was created in Sketch.



Here is a screenshot of the homepage & a sample wire for the start up page wireframe designed in UX Pin. In comparison, the old page did not have clear message hierarchy along with a stand out CTA. 

Now the Start Up page and the About pages are built very similar.  Below you will see a (2) sample wireframes for the Start Up page & the modal.


After completing the wireframes and coming to a common ground on copy decisions with the team, it was time to start my favorite part of the design process. Visual Design! Below is the final visual design concept of the landing page. As you see the apply button is placed inside the nav-bar and the navigation is a fixed navigation so it is always available to the user. We also placed a eye catching hero image to complement the opening message & optimization to the brand.